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Our journey begins with healthy, happy parents. Our parent dogs are OFA certified and DNA disease tested through Embark. They are both well-mannered and have wonderful loving temperaments.

Meet Arlo- Dad

Arlo is a handsome, low energy English Cream Golden. He loves to please his owners, wander the Colorado countryside on his farm, and play ball.

Color: English Cream

Weight: 80 lbs

OFA Health Testing- CHIC #: 162800

Hips- GR-134657E26M-VPI (Excellent)

Elbow-GR-EL54280M26-VPI (Normal)
Eyes-GR-EYE24636/26M-VIP (Normal) 

Cardiac- GR-BCA2453/26M/C-VPI (Normal/Clear) 

Meet Bailey- Mom

 Bailey is a water loving, ball and frisbee retrieving Golden. She loves to take walks, go swimming, explore mountain trails, and adores belly rubs.

Color: Light Golden

Weight: 60 lbs 

OFA Health Information

Cardiac: GR-BCA7161/62F/C-VPI (Normal/Clear)

Eyes: Exam Registration 22LHDT (Normal) 

Embark Health Tested golden retrievers

Genetics: Click Here

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